What is Brewloops?
Taking place throughout the year Brew Loops is not your average beer festival. Along the lines of Victoria Beer Week, Brew Loops is a beer-centric festival that includes many events across many venues across the city.

Brew Loops has everything from Brunch, Farmers Market Tastings, large tail-gate music shows, high-end cask/food pairings, education sessions, cider, bike tours, and boutique socials to be close to the brewers who brew the beer you love.

Brew Loops also gives back, working with a local Rotary Club and Western Canada Theatre; we are driving funds back into the community. We are leveraging the powers and resources of the Theatre and the business community through Rotary to deliver an event with unique and exciting experiences, music and arts.

Kamloops is the center of a burgeoning movement of collabrative businesses, and this festival is the celebration of that. Hosted by The Noble Pig Brewhouse and Red Beard Cafe this is the beer event you will want to attend year after year.